The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New combatants joined the Islamic State.



Reliable resources have reported to the Syrian Observatory for Human rights that 73 men at least joined the Islamic State in the northern eastern countryside of Aleppo in 24th and 25th of this September after the beginning of strikes that have been carried out by the International- Arab Coalition to combat IS, Jabhat al Nusra and other Islamic Movements that contains non- Syrian fighters.


Among the fighters who joined IS, there are 41 fighters form the Jabhat al Nusra, the rebel and Islamic battalions who left their factions as well as 23 non- Syrian fighters who newly joined IS. In addition to, 5 fighters from different Arab nationalities as well as 4 other from European nationalities also joined the Islamic State.




Reliable resources have confirmed to SOHR that 162 people have joined the IS military camps in the northern eastern and eastern countryside of Aleppo since September 10 and after the President Barack Obama’s speech where he has declared war on the Islamic States. Among those who have joined, 15 fighters from different Arab and foreign nationalities, including 4 Australian persons entered to Syria through Turkish territory and 147 ex- Syrian combatants of al Nusra Front and the Islamic battalions.



It is worth mentioning that 6300 fighters joined to the training camps of the Islamic State in the two cities of Aleppo and Al Raqqa in the last July in 2013, where this is considered the widest process of recruiting fighters in the Islamic State’s ranks since the declaration of establishment in April/2013 in the city of Al Raqqa until it transferred to the Islamic State in the late of June/2014.


The fighters distributed as follows:


Nearly 5000 fighters from the Syrian nationality, including 800 fighters  who were ex-fighters in the rebel and Islamic battalions and in al Nusra Front  while the rest are new volunteers.


1300 fighters from Arab, European, Caucasian, East Asian and Chinese nationalities as well as Kurdish fighters, including 1100 fighters entered Syria through the Turkish territory while the rest joined after leaving al Nusra Front and the other Islamic battalions.