The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Shells launched by the Islamic State struck the city of Ayn al Arab for the first time.




Aleppo Province: Some shells launched by IS struck areas in the eastern neighborhoods of Ayn al Arab city leading to the death of a man while others were injured. It is worth mention that this is the first time that the shells fell onto the city of Ayn al Arab  sine the beginning of IS attack on the countryside of the city.


The warplanes carried out a raid on an area in the city of al Bab in the east of Aleppo, initial information reported injuring of some people. They also carried out 2 raids on the vicinity of the airbase of Kwayres which is besieged by IS fighters.


IS fighters executed a man in the city of Manbej with no information about the reason of execution.


IS gatherings in the village of Sitalab in the southeast of Ayn al Arab were attacked by the international- Arab coalition warplanes.


A child and a man died due to dropping 2 barrel bombs onto the highway of  Masaken Hanano area.