The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More human losses after Russian airstrikes targeted al-Miadin city

Civilians of al-Miadin city are still suffering death after aerial bombardment targeted the city in the 15th of September which wounded dozens of civilians and killed so far 31 including 9 children and 4 women, in addition to 4 non-Syrian women.

The non-Syrian women are wives of IS militants who were killed earlier during clashes around Syria, and the women were spending the Shria time limit after the death of their husbands.

SOHR was also informed that the aerial bombardment which targeted the city of al-Miadin which is out of the case fire agreement, included bombs that exploded  in the air and then landed dozens of steel balls targeted Abdujabar school and its surroundings, al-A’laf center, and the outskirt of the garage. The steel balls contains Russian military signature and the sign of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The city of al-Miadin is suffering lack of the medical crew, only 2 doctors are located in the city, what made the medical situation difficult to manage, and the aerial bombardment is leaving massive casualties.