The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Coalition warplanes kill 6 civilians in al-Hasakah countryside


6 civilians ( all men ), were killed by air strikes by coalition warplanes on al-Fadghami area in the southern countryside of al-Hasakah.

about 40 fighters from the YPG were killed by clashes against the IS, which continue for the 5th day in ” al-Rawiya, al-Dahmaa, and Thamad ” villages in the western countryside of Ein al-Arab ” Sere kane “, in addition to exploding a truck which was  transporting Libyan paints by a fighter from ISIS. clashes continue between the two sides in the countryside of al-Ya’robiya “Tal Kojo “, amid advances for the IS in the area as it taken over 3 villages .

ISIS executed a number of soldiers from al-Karama army, which belongs to al-Jazira Hamidi Daham al-Hadi, they have been captured earlier ( including a commander ).