The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

164 killed yesterday 17/09/2016

— 38 IS were killed while others were wounded by heavy aerial bombardment targeted al-Tharda mount around the military airport of Der-Ezzor.

— IS executed 5 men including 2 brothers in the village of Hatla in the eastern countryside of Der-Ezzor for hiding weapons from IS, the men are originally from al-Tarif village in the western countryside of Der-Ezzor.

— 3 Moroccan militants in IS were killed including a child, during clashes against regime forces around al-Boomar, al-Mreia, and near the military airport.

– Civilians of al-Miadin city are still suffering death after aerial bombardment targeted the city in the 15th of September which wounded dozens of civilians and killed so far 31 including 9 children and 4 women, in addition to 4 non-Syrian women.

– 1 regime forces officer was killed by Israeli airstrike in Quneitra countryside.

— 1 1 regime forces killed by clashes against rebels in northern Homs.

— 90 soldiers in regime forces killed by the U.S led coalition airstrikes around Der-Ezzor military airport.