The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian airstrikes kill 42 civilians after a year of publishing it

SOHR documented the death of dozens of civilians today 30th of September 2016, by the Russian airstrikes which targeted several areas of Syria.

The number of the dead rose to 42 including 17 children and 3 women, were all killed today in different areas :
– 12 including 7 children and women killed by Russian airstrikes on Jesrin and Kafar Batna.

– 14 including 8 children and a woman killed by Russian airstrikes on Baqras and al-Basira in Der-Ezzor countryside.

– 15 including 2 children killed by aerial bombardment on al-Halak and al-Zaitonat in northern Aleppo.

– a man was killed by Russian airstrikes on Maara al-Nu’man.

100 others were wounded or seriously wounded, in addition to cases under the rubble