The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

1200 civilian casualties are among about 3700 killed in September 2016

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented death of 3686 persons in the month of September 2016. The casualties are as follows:


Civilian casualties: 1228 civilians, including 276 children under the age of eighteen, and 158 female citizens over the age of 18, they were killed as follows:


841 citizens including 206 children and 109 citizen women killed in raids by Russian and Syrian warplanes’ bombing and helicopters’ barrel bombs, 34 persons were executed by the “Islamic State” organization, 94 people including 11 children and 14 citizen women were killed in the shelling by rocket and artillery shells, missiles believed to be ground-to-ground and sniper fire and targeting by the regime forces, , 23 including a woman were killed under torture in Syrian security prisons and dungeons of its intelligence branches, 86 persons including 27 children and 21 citizen women killed by the fall of shells and targeting by the rebel and Islamic Factions and the “Islamic State” organization, and 6 people were killed in a booby trapped vehicles and explosive belts detonation, and citizen killed by the Jordanian border guards, and 2 children died due to poor health conditions and the bad living conditions and the lack of medication, 1 person was killed in the shelling and the gunshots of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Aleppo province, and 57 including 10  children and 5 citizen woman killed in different circumstances like unidentified gunmen, explosions, landmines, sniper fire and unknown circumstances.



Syrian nationality fighters from the rebel and Islamic fighters and The Syria Democratic Forces and other organization: 511


Defected soldiers and officers:4

The regime forces: 525


Members from Popular Committees, NDF and militiamen loyal to the regime of Syrian nationality: 377


Militiamen from the Lebanese Hezbollah: 10


Non-Syrian Pro-regime mostly Shia militiamen: 75


Unidentified casualties: 169



Fighters from the rebel and Islamic factions, the “Islamic State”, Fath al-Sham Front, Jaish al-Mohajereen and al-Ansar and the Islamic Turkistan Party of non-Syrian nationalities: 787



The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights renews its call to all international sides -despite the horrifying silence by the international community- to work more seriously for immediate stop of the Syrian people’s blood shedding and to put more pressure on the countries members of the members of the UN Security Council so these war crimes and the crimes against humanity are handled by the International Criminal Court. We in the Syrian Observatory demand the punishment of all perpetrators, instigators, collaborators and all individuals and sides who used the Syrian blood as a political card and as means to carry out their personal agendas, as well as those who transformed a revolution for dignity to a sectarian and ethnic civil war.