The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Factions of “Euphrates Shield” control 16 villages and towns in 48 hours and get close to the strategic town of Dabiq

The rebel and Islamic Factions backed by Turkish warplanes and tanks continue their operations of advancement in the southwestern countryside to al-Rai town in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, they managed to advance and control of Dahariya village and Ihtmylat town, narrowing the siege down on the “Islamic state”, by taking more villages from the organization, and the past 48 hours witnessed a significant advancement for these factions at the expense of the organization, the factions headed from several areas around the religious symbolic town of Dabiq, of which the “Islamic state” organization is desperately defending.


After controlling Dahariya village and Ihtmylat town, the number of controlled village and town raises to 16 villages and towns controlled by the rebel and Islamic Factions backed by Turkish tanks and warplanes, while clashes are still taking place between both parties in the village of Dwibeq and in the vicinity of Kafra area, also the factions advanced north and east of Dabiq for a distance of about two and a half kilometers, in an attempt to take control of Dabiq town.