The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

50 killed during clashes around Dabeq between rebels and IS

Clashes continue between rebels backed by Turkish forces against IS around many fronts of the northern eastern countryside of Aleppo, rebels were able to take control on Kafra village after taking control on al-Tahira and Ehtimlat earlier. Clashes continue in Dwebeq in an attempt by rebels to reach Dabeq, the clashes led to the death of 20 IS and 30 rebels in the past 48 hours.

That rose the number of areas which have been taken over by rebels to 17, in case rebels took advanced in Dwebeq the will be only 2.5km from Dabeq

Reef Dimashq province: Regime forces bombarded Khan al-Shekh. Clashes took place between al-Islam army and regime forces around al-Rayhan farmlands amid advances for regime forces in the area. Regime forces bombarded Zabdani and Duma what wounded 4 civilians. Regime forces also bombarded Hamoria and Saqba, no reports of losses.

Damascus province: 5 were confirmed dead by shells targeted al-Qmeria and al-Omawi mosque in old Damascus.

Civilians of Khan al-Shekh demonstrated with 7 demands by the Palestinian inhabitants of Khan al-Shekh camp which contains about 5000 Palestinian families and only 2000 of them are left including 3000 children, 250 pregnant women, 2500 school students.

The demands are the following :

1 – Stop the bombardment on the camp since it has no weapons or armored people.

2 – Providing a safe road for civilians.

3 – Providing bread for civilians.

4 – Demanding the international aid org to help and employee the Palestinians in the down east and open the schools in addition to supporting the families in the camp.

5 – Providing Medicine for the elders and children.

6 – Demanding the Palestinian liberation org and other Palestinian parties to stand and take responsibilities to protect the camp.

7 – Demanding the Committees and all parties in the camp to continue providing the services to civilians of the camp.