The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Tens were killed during the regime forces’ regain control of Maardis and Alexandria

Hama Province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
Violent clashes continue in the vicinity of Maardis in the northern countryside of Hama, where the regime forces managed to advance and regain control of the town, in addition to restoring the nearby village of Alexandria, after continuous clashes since yesterday with aerial bombing and mutual violent shelling, where at least 32 fighters of the Islamic factions were killed, while SOHR received confirmed information about the death of 14 members at least of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them during the past 24 hour, where the regime forces are trying to regain control of tens of cities, towns, villages and farms controlled by factions since the 29th of August 2016, also the factions targeted an armored vehicle belongs to the regime forces at the outskirts of Maardis village in the northern countryside of Hama, which damaged it and killed and wounded several members of the regime forces, and in a related development, the regime forces targeted using the fire of heavy machineguns areas in the town of Hirbnafsah at the southern countryside of Hama.