The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Human losses after bombardment on Aleppo city

Aleppo province: 3 civilians were killed including a child and a woman while others were wounded by missiles bombardment targeted al-Marja neighborhood, it is still unknown whether if it was aerial or artillery bombardment, many others were wounded.

SDF targeted areas of A’zaz. a corpse of a killed man was found in Arshaf village in the northern countryside, the death circumstances is still unknown. Aerial bombardment targeted Kafar Hamra, Hreitan and Ghazi Antab in the northern western countryside, and other areas of Bweba in the southern countryside. Clashes took place between regime forces and rebels around Salah al-Din amid targeting Bab al-Hadid and Qadi Askar in Aleppo.Islamic factions targeted a vehicle for regime forces in al-Jamiat area what devastated it.