The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime forces advance in Tal Kurdi and Tal Soran

Reef Dimashq province: Regime forces backed by Hezbollah were able to take control on Tal Kurdi and Tal Soran around the eastern Ghouta after the pulling back of al-Islam army from the two areas, regime forces took control on Tal Kurdi first due its strategic location, the regime in advancing towards the Shefonia and Rehan near Duma city the main bastion of al-Islam army, the clashes led to the death of a number of militants in both sides.

Areas of Zabdani city were exposed to bombardment by regime forces amid targeting the area with missiles what led to material damages. Clashes took place this morning between al-Islam army and regime forces on the international highway of HomS-Damascus amid mutual bombardment from both sides.