Factions of the eastern Ghouta form a new army • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Factions of the eastern Ghouta form a new army

Reef Dimashq province: SOHR received a statement released by the public committee in the eastern Ghouta announcing the formation of the ” The rescue army “in the eastern Ghouta, after the report of the sixth committee and continuing the revolutionary movement on the eastern Ghouta civilians and upon their demands, the factions in the eastern Ghouta will unit under one name in one army will be in control on the weapons, warehouses and the resources including human and material resources, committees will be formed and named by al-Islam army and al-Rahman convoy, in addition to Farj al-Omma, and Ahrar al-SHam movements, all the rest factions will be forming the new army, the court and judge will also be united.

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