The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After the failure of Ghouta meeting… demonstrations threaten to remove the checkpoints of major factions in Ghouta and run them over with their feet

The in the Eastern Ghouta witnessed a demonstration of hundreds of citizens, who toured the Eastern Ghouta with cars and motorcycles, shouting to remove the checkpoints of the factions between the areas of Jaysh al-Islam and Rahman Corps and the rest of the factions in the Eastern Ghouta, and held up banners reading “Save Ghouta… ignite the fronts to distract the regime”.

The demonstrators also demanded to remove the checkpoints, or else they will remove them and run them over with their feet, they also demanded the return of the rights of their respective owners whatever they were, and to ignite the fronts across the Ghouta, and the establishment of a joint operations room immediately. The demonstrators gave a short period of time to the factions in the area to implement their demands, otherwise they will intervene themselves.