The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Silence in Aleppo during the first hours of the Truce announced by Russia

Aleppo province: The city of Aleppo is witnessing silence this morning after the beginning of the true announced by Russia, which suppose to lasts until 7pm today, no civilians went out of the eastern neighborhoods today, after violent clashes during the past 24 hours amid detonating 3 suicide cars led to the death of a number of solider in regime forces, no less than 10 rebels were killed.

The truce came after 7 days of violent clashes in Aleppo, rebels were able to advance in Dahya al-Assad and Menia araes, in addition to project 1070 apartments after violent clashes against regime forces and allied militiamen amid detonating 15 suicide vehicles around the western section of Aleppo.