The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

320 were killed in 8 days of the large battle of Aleppo

 The city of Aleppo is witnessing silence in the 9th day of the large battle in Aleppo “the battle of Abo Omar Saraqib “which started in the 28th of October by bombardment on the western sections of Aleppo and detonating suicide cars around the western neighborhoods amid an attack by rebels backed by Fateh al-Sham and several Islamic factions, which advanced in Dahya al-Assad and Menian areas around new Aleppo and took complete control on project of 1070 apartments after violent clashes against the regime .

323 civilians, soldiers, and rebels were killed during the past 8 days, including :

– 93 soldiers and allied militiamen killed by clashes, bombardment, and suicide attacks including 46 soldiers, 21 Hezbollah, 26 Iranian and Iraqi militants allied to regime forces, while dozens others were wounded.

 – 86 rebels killed by IEDs, bombardment and clashes, in addition to 79 non Syrian militants in the Tukestanian Caucasian parties including 9 detonated themselves in suicide attacks.

 – 74 civilians were killed including 3 killed by shells targeted Salah al-Din, and 71 killed by shells and Grad missiles targeted the western sections including 25 children and 8 women.

 The clashes led to the injury of hundreds of civilians and militants.