The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

30 killed in Aleppo and continued clashes in the city

Aleppo province: 5 civilians were killed by aerial bombardment on Dara Azza. A woman was killed by bombardment on Orom al-Kobra. 4 civilians were killed by aerial bombardment on Bashantra village, what rose the number of the dead in Aleppo today to 30 including 6 children and 4 women. Shells fired by rebels targeted New Aleppo and Ashrafia what killed a man. A rebel commander and a dissident captain were killed by clashes against regime forces in Aleppo.

The clashes continue between regime forces and rebels around Project of 1070 and Tal Moata west of Aleppo amid bombardment on the area, regime forces advanced in the area leading to human losses in both sides.