The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime forces Re-gain control and advance over rebels in Aleppo city

Regime forces backed by Non-Syrian militants and Hezbollah were able to advance in Dahya al-Assad, checkpoints of Sora, Satir and the areas of Menian, project of 1070 apartments, and the paper factory after violent clashes against rebels and Fateh al-Sham backed by Islamic factions in the ” Battle of Abo Omar Saraqib “

SOHR documented the death of 454 civilians, rebels, and soldiers, killed during 2 weeks of battles since the 28th of October, amid aerial bombardment targeted the mentioned areas.

the dead included :
143 soldiers and non Syrian militants allied to regime forces killed by clashes, suicide attacks, and shells, including 74 soldiers and 28 Hezbollah, in addition to 41 Iranian and Iraqi militants allied to regime forces.

125 rebel and Islamic fighters killed by clashes, aerial bombardment and IEDs including 90 non Syrian militants at least 10 of them detonated themselves by suicide attacks.

96 civilians at least were killed during the military operations in Aleppo including 4 civilians killed by regime shells targeted Salah al-Din and other areas in eastern Aleppo, and 92 civilians (29 children and 11 women ) killed by missiles and shells targeted regime controlled areas of the western neighborhoods.

The military operations led to the injury of hundreds others including permanent injuries.