The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Continued clashes in Aleppo countryside between IS and rebels

Aleppo province: Aerial bombardment targeted areas of Andan and Hreitan amid heavy aerial bombardment on areas of Rahraa neighborhood, Rashdin, Enjara village and al-Hejab town, no reports of losse.s Shells fired by rebels targeted Jamia al-Zahraa what led to material damages, Shells also targeted the bridge of Hasharka in Afrin countryside, reports that the Turkish forces fired it, no reports of losses.

Clashes taking place between IS and rebels in the operation of al-Furat Shield amid mutual bombardment between the two sides and advances for rebels in 2 villages at least.
Quneitra province: Shells targeted Hadar town in the middle coutnryside, no reports of losses. Regime forces bombarded Jabata al-Khashab, no casualties reported.