The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 550 killed in 25 days in Ein al-Arab”Kobane”

بدوdsaن عنوان

SOHR documented the death of 550, were killed since the IS started its attack on EIn al-Arab “Kobane” in the 16th of September this year to yesterday’s midnight 10/Sep/2014 .

the dead included 20 civilians, they are 17 civilians ( 2 of them were teenager ) were executed by the IS in Ein al-Arab countryside 4 of them were beheaded, in addition to 3 civilians killed by ISIS bombardment on areas in Ein al-Arab”Kobane ” which started in the 27th of September .

226 fighters from YPG and al-Asayesh , killed by ISIS bombardment and clashes against the IS in Ein al-Arab”Kobane” and its countryside, including a leader (female ) in the YPG, attacked ISIS grouping then detonated herself by the grouping , in addition to fighters were beheaded, 3 of them were females.

298 fighters from the IS killed by ambushes, targeting their vehicles, and clashes against the YPG around Ein al-Arab”Kobane and its countryside , including 4 detonated themselves in Mashtana Nour hill near the city and inside it.

9 fighters from rebel and Islamic battalions who are backing up the YPG in its fight against the IS, were killed during clashes against the IS in Ein al-Arab”Kobane” countryside.

a volunteer in YPG killed when he was carrying ammo in his car , after ISIS targeted him in a front in Ein’Al-Arab “kobane” .

We in SOHR believe that the real number of the dead is twice the number which SOHR could document , due to the extreme secrecy on casualties from both sides, in addition to the difficulties to access to many areas and villages , which witnessed clashes and bombings from both sides.