The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 800 killed or wounded by Russian and Syrian airstrikes in Idlib

Russian and Syrian warplanes continue targeting with explosive barrels, Missiles, and grenades, areas of Idlib province, the bombardment started in the 20th of October 2016 until today leading to massive human losses and casualties.

SOHR documented the death of 192 civilians including 68 children and 41 women in the period between 20/Oct until 20/Nov, by aerial bombardment by Russian and Syrian warplanes and bombardment by regime forces and explosive barrels while no less than 600 others were wounded and seriously wounded.

We in SOHR call for the international community for more pressure on Russia and al-Assad regime to stop the massive horrible killing against the Syrian citizens, targeting civilians, destroying hospitals, and killing children, in pretext of targeting Terrorism and extremist groups, and we demand the international community to bring the Russian pilots into international courts for committing massacres against the humanity.