Cases of suffocation in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo as a result of dropping barrel bombs by regime's helicopters contain "chlorine gas" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Cases of suffocation in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo as a result of dropping barrel bombs by regime’s helicopters contain “chlorine gas”

 Aleppo Province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
Warplanes and helicopters continue targeting the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo for the 8th day in a row of the start of the bombing escalation on these neighborhoods, where helicopters and warplanes renewed targeting the neighborhoods of Qadi Askar, al-Sekkary, Al-Qaterji and Tayyibat Awwad in the eastern section of the city, and several citizens were seen suffering of suffocation cases in the areas of Al-Qaterji and Tayyibat Awwad after the helicopters dropped 4 barrel bombs at least on the area, several intersecting sources informed the Syrian Observatory for human rights that they saw cases of suffocation and they brought them to a hospital in the area and to a dispensary belongs to another hospital for treatment, due to the emission of gases with an awful smell spread in the place of bombing, some of the citizens in the bombing areas inhaled these gases, while medical sources suggested to the observatory that the gas used is the chlorine gas. A family of a man, his wife and their 4 children were killed the day before yesterday after dropping barrel bombs by helicopters on areas in al-Sakhur neighborhood, medical sources suggested back then that the regime forces used chlorine gas in the bombing on al-Sakhur, also shells fell on parts of Al-Masharqa neighborhood and the area around the Municipal Palace in the western section of Aleppo city, no information about casualties yet, while warplanes launched several missiles on areas in Kafr Hamra town northwest of Aleppo city, and elsewhere in Maarat al-Artiq in the northern countryside of Aleppo, warplanes also bombed areas in the villages of Kafr Kar and Banan al-Hoss in the southern countryside of Aleppo city, while five citizens were killed (including 3 children) in the old city of Aleppo.

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