The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Heavy bombardment in the 10th day of targeting the eastern Aleppo

Aleppo province: Aerial bombardment continued targeting the eastern neighborhoods for the 10th day including areas of Dahra Awad, Bab Neirab, old Muwasalat road, Sakhor, Bab Maysar, Qaterji, Hanano housings, Karam al-BEkk, and other areas what killed 4 including a woman in Bab al-NErab, 2 men in Tariq al-Bab, and 1 man in Muwasalat. Regime forces bombarded Kafar Naha and al-Eis towns, no reports of losses. Clashes took place between al-Furat Shield and IS around the villages of Job al-Barazi and Dwera in al-Bab countryside amid mutual bombardment from both sides, reports of advances for rebels in the areas.