Regime forces takes control on Hanano housings neighborhood • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime forces takes control on Hanano housings neighborhood

Aleppo province: Regime forces were able to take control on whats left of the southern and southern western sections of Hanano housings, what makes it completely in control of the Hanano housings neighborhoods which was under control by rebels since 2012, after violent clashes between regime forces and rebels. 1 member of free police was killed while others were wounded by bombardment on Maara al-Artiq. Shells targeted regime bastions in the military academy and Dahya al-Assad southern Aleppo, no reports of losses.

Clashes continue between IS and al-Furat Shield in the northern eastern countryside amid advances for rebels in Om Adsa east of al-Bab. 1 man was killed by IS landmine northern Marea. a tank for rebels under al-Furat shield flag, was devastated, reports of losses in the Turkish forces.

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