The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Shells target Aleppo city and continued clashes in Lattakia countryside

Lattakia province: Clashes taking place in Kabana front between regime forces against rebels amid aerial bombardment on the area, no reports of losses.

Aleppo province: Regime forces bombarded areas of Salah al-Din and Mashehad. Shells targeted Serian Jadid neighborhood for the first time, no reports of losses. 7 shells targeted al_Zahraa west of Aleppo amid aerial bombardment on Layramon and Dahra Abdrabah, Qubtan al-Jabal, and Dara Azza. A man was killed while others were wounded by bombardment targeted Kafarhamra. clashes took place between rebels and regime forces and Mallah, Bashkwi, and Mseben fronts.