The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 50,000 fled eastern Aleppo in 4 days

Migration of civilians continue from the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo due to the heavy bombardment on the area for the 16th day leading to material damages and destroying civilians properties, forcing civilians to look for a shelter and run for their lives from death and starvation which they are still suffering since 140 days due to strict siege by regime forces and Russia amid poor life conditions.

The number of civilians who fled the eastern neighborhoods reaching Sakhour has raised in the past 4 days and reached 50,000, more than half of them reach SDF controlled areas in Shekh Maqsoud and the northern section of eastern Aleppo, while the others were able to reach regime controlled areas  in northern Aleppo and western Aleppo, hundreds of civilians are facing arrests and investigation by the regime, and some of them are still under detention.