The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Explosions rock Damascus and regime forces trying to advance in Maydaani

Reef Dimashq province: Massive explosions targeted Damascus city, likely caused by aerial bombardment targeted regime military bastion near al_Sabora area, no reports of losses. Regime forces advanced in Maydaani in al-Merej amid continued clashes between regime forces and rebels, in the past 24 hours regime forces advanced in the eastern section of the area which contains the mosque and wide farmlands, regime forces also advanced in the northern section and took control on farmlands in the area. the regime is attempting to take control on al-Merej in order to control whats left of areas such as Hezerma, Otaya, Hosh Dawahira, Nashabia, and Zereqia in order to siege the eastern Ghouta, the regime is also trying to advance in al-Baharia area which is a bastion for al-Islam army, which enable the regime to advance in Nashabia and Farzat hill.