The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

21 killed in a massacre by regime warplanes in eastern Aleppo

Aleppo province: Regime forces bombarded areas of Job al-Qeba, Bab Neirab, and its surroundings leading to the death of 21 civilians including women and children while others were wounded. the number of the dead is likely to rise.
Shells targeted Salah al_Din and new Aleppo neighborhoods. 6 shells targeted al-Furqan neighborhood in western Aleppo what killed 2 civilians. Clashes taking place around al-Rasul al-Aazam mosque in al-Zahraa neighborhood west of Aleppo between regime forces and rebels amid mutual bombardment from both sides, clashes also taking place around Shekh Saed southern Aleppo.
Clashes continue between al-Furat Shield and Menbej military council around Olasha in western Menbej after an attack by rebels on the area amid mutual bombardment from both sides, confirmed reports of losses.