A suicide bombing in Kobane, and more then 15 air raids in Idleb • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A suicide bombing in Kobane, and more then 15 air raids in Idleb





Reliable resources informed SOHR that an IS militant blew up himself in a booby- trapped vehicle in the west of the Security Box in the east of Kobane with no information about victims so far.


Violent clashes have still erupted between YPG and IS fighters in the west of the Security Box.


The IS fighters launched several mortar shells on the city of Kobane and on the border crossing between Kobane and Turkey.


Idleb Province: The warplanes carried more than 15 raids on areas in the city of Ma’arret al Nu’man and areas in the towns and villages of Kafar Basin, Kafar Sajneh, Babolin, al Aamodeyyi and al Qassabeyyi, information reported injuring of some people in the town of Kafar Basin. The helicopters dropped barrel bombs onto the west of Ma’arret al Nu’man. They also dropped the sixth barrel onto the town of Saraqeb.


The Islamic battalions targeted a regime’s vehicle near al Fanar checkpoint in al Arba’in Mountain, information reported casualties.


The regime forces shelled areas in the town of Ma’arret Mesrin in the northern countryside and areas in the village of Hila in al Roj Plain.


A person died while others were injured due to bombardment by the Islamic battalions on the town of al Fo’ah which is inhabited by Shia.










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