The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

9 casualties in Aleppo city and violent clashes continued in several areas in the central and eastern part of the city

Aleppo Province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
The violent clashes continued since shortly after midnight yesterday in the vicinity of Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood in Aleppo city between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them against the rebel and Islamic Factions, amid intensive missile shelling before by the regime forces on the neighborhood, and information about casualties, while it rose to 9 -including six children under the age of 18- the number of people who were killed in the fall of shells launched by factions yesterday on different parts of the western section of Aleppo city, also warplanes bombed and the regime forces intensively shelled areas in Dahrat Abed Rabbo and Leiramon at the outskirts of Aleppo, while several rocket shells launched by the factions after midnight yesterday on places in the neighborhoods of Al-Masharqa, al-A’azamiyyeh and Saif al-Dawleh and the area around the Municipal Palace in the western section of Aleppo city, also warplanes carried out after midnight yesterday raids on areas in the towns of Hayyan, Huraytan and Anadan in the northern countryside of Aleppo, and on other areas in the towns of Maarat Artiq and Kafr Hamra in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, no information about casualties yet, also violent clashes continued in Al-Jazmati neighborhood in the middle part of eastern Aleppo, between the rebel and Islamic factions against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, in conjunction with exchange of shelling between both parties, where SOHR received preliminary information about further advancement by the regime forces in the neighborhood, of which the regime forces have advanced in large parts of it yesterday and during the past days.