The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

About 310 civilians including at least 162 children and women killed by massive bombardment on Idlib

Aerial bombardment continue targeted areas of Idlib province as the international media is focusing on Aleppo, in attempts by regime forces and Putin to mass kill Syrian citizens under the the cover of ” Targeting Fateh al_Sham front “, after thousands of families and rebels reached Idlib province from Reef Dimashq.
Aerial bombardment continued targeting areas of Taftanaz, Hezano, Ihsim, Haish, Has, and Maara Nuaman, Kafar Sajna, Shekh Mustafa, and Tarmala leading to the death of a woman with her child in Has in addition to 5 civilians including 2 siblings in Kafar Sajna, and a woman in Zardna.
What rose the number of the dead to 308 including 101 children and 61 women killed by bombardment since the 20th of November until today, while 1000 others at least were wounded or seriously wounded.