The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 60 civilians killed by coalition airstrikes in the operation of Madness of al-Furat

Coalition warplanes finished its first month of military operations backing up SDF under the name of Madness of al-Furat to take control on the northern countryside of Raqqa and reach Raqqa city the main bastion of IS in Syria, the coalition airstrikes started with the announcement of the military operation in the 6th of November, which continue leaving dozens of casualties in civilians.

SOHR documented the death of 62 civilians including 5 children and 17 women killed by the coalition airstrikes since the 6th of November until today, in areas of Hazima, Hesha, Abara, Boaas, Kelly, Salhia, and other areas of the northern countryside, while others were wounded.
What rose the number of the civilians who were killed incto 721 including 172 children and 110 women in the provinces of Hasakah, Raqqa, Idlib, Aleppo, and Der-Ezzor, including 64 (12 children ) killed by airstrikes in al-Tokhaz area in northern Menbej, in addition to 64 civilians killed by a massacre by coalition warplanes in Friday night of 1st of May 2015 in the village of Mahli near Seren in southern of Kobane in
Aleppo province, the dead are as following :: 31 children, 16 females and 15 male, in addition to 19 women and 13 men, and 1 young man.
After the death of 720 civilians including more than 280 women and children during 27 months of coalition airstrikes in Syria, we in SOHR call for the Coalition to keep the military operations away from civilians and control the airstrikes in a way that it won’t affect civilians, as thousands were killed and millions were displaced and the Syrian citizens have no power to take more.