With the international community being busy in the displacement process in Aleppo... 120 were killed and tens were wounded within 48 hours of military operations in al-Bab city and its vicinity • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With the international community being busy in the displacement process in Aleppo… 120 were killed and tens were wounded within 48 hours of military operations in al-Bab city and its vicinity


The military operations were renewed in the vicinity of al-Bab city in the northeast of Aleppo province, after the first defeat yesterday for the Turkish Forces and the, “Euphrates Shield” forces,  within the war of controlling the city, where the last mentioned are trying to impose their control over the city, so the get ahead of the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them in the advancement to the city ​​and taking control over it, after Turkey was given the Russian green light, thus the Turkish forces cut the road for the Syria Democratic Forces which they wanted to use to link the areas of the democratic self-management in Al-Jazeera and Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) with self-management in Afrin, the attack operations and attempts of advancement towards the city to be stormed in the past 24 hours from the western side, were accompanied by shelling with tens of missiles and tens of artillery shells, in conjunction with tens of airstrikes, where the victims of the airstrikes’ massacre rose today to 29 casualties including 8 children and 7 citizen women, which in turn raised to 36, including 10 children and 7citizen women, the number of civilian casualties who were killed in bombing by the Turkish warplanes on the city, in addition to the injury and the loss of tens of other citizens in the bombing areas and destruction of property of citizens.

Also rose to 51 at least, the number of fighters and members of “Euphrates Shield” forces and Turkish forces supporting them who were killed in the attack on the western area of al-Bab city, and in detonating one booby trapped vehicle at least by the “Islamic State”, including 16 soldiers of the Turkish forces declared by the Turkish authorities, also it rose to 33, the number of members of the “Islamic State” organization who were killed in this attack, and in the shelling and clashes which accompanied it, also tens of members of both parties were injured during the fierce clashes that took place between them both.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published the information received from reliable sources which confirmed that “Euphrates Shield” forces renewed their attack on al-Bab city, after Turkey obtained -after meetings between the Turks, Russians and Iranians- the green light to storm al-Bab city door and take control over it, and that after an understanding between these parties about the displacement and evacuation in Aleppo, Al-Fu’ah, Kafriya and then Madaya later, and a desire by them to prevent the Syria Democratic Forces from exploiting the loophole of al-Bab and controlling it, which will allow them to connect the democratic self-management areas together in the three provinces: “Al-Jazeerah – Kobani – Afrin”

also the leadership of the “Islamic State” in Iraq have sent in the first third of the December 2016 about 200 members of the “Islamic countries”, including Field commanders to al-Bab city in the northeast of Aleppo province, among the 500 fighters of Syrian, Arab and foreign nationalities, who have been sent from the organization’s leadership to Syria, after a meeting of the commander of the “Jaysh al-Sham” with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of the “Islamic State” and the Minister of war in the organization, both of them confirmed to the commander of “Jaysh al-Sham” that the reinforcements would be continuous and successive from now on, after the latter explained the bad military situation of the fighters and members of the organization on the fronts against “Euphrates Shield”, the Syria Democratic Forces and the regime fighting forces and militiamen loyal to them, where 300 fighter were sent to Palmyra area and “Homs State” while the rest were sent to al-Bab city.

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