The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

88 civilians killed by Turkish bombardment in the past 24 hours, Raises the number of civilians who were killed during 4 months of Turkish bombardment to 250

Turkish warplanes targeted al-Bab city which is taken over by the IS in the northern eastern countryside of Aleppo, SOHR was informed that the airstrikes led to the death of 16 civilians today, including 3 children, what rose the number of civilians who were killed by Turkish airstrikes in al-Bab city to 88 in the past 24 hours, including 24 children and 13 women, whole dozens of others were wounded or seriously wounded, The raise in the dead numbers comes after a massacre yesterday led to the death of 72 including 34 children and women, The massacre comes at the same time that Ardoghan meets the child Bana al-Abed who left the besieged Aleppo, what led to dissatisfaction status between civilians of al-Bab city, The “Islamic State” carried out an execution by “burning” against two soldiers from the Turkish Forces, they gone missing and the contact with them were lost in late November 2016, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published at the end of last month that the two soldiers of the Turkish forces who support the rebel and Islamic factions of “Euphrates Shield” operation, had been missing in Dana area northwest of al-Bab city, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received a copy of a video released by the “Islamic State”, in which they executed the two soldiers of the Turkish Forces by burning them alive, they were tied with chains while they were standing, and then they set them on fire with a fuse within the chains which in turn set the fire to their bodies and they were burned until both bodies were blackened

Both Turkish soldiers spoke in the video, the first one said: “we have waited to be freed a long time ago, but the Turkish government did not care about us”, while the second soldier said: “”you are the reason for us standing like this as dogs O Erdogan”, and while the flames were burning on their bodies one of the soldiers shouted “”Save me, O Erdogan””, and then the member of the organization who spoke in Turkish poured more fuel on the body of one of them which increased the flames as he was threatening Turkey with further killing if it continues attacking “the land of caliphate and Muslims”.

During the period between the 24th of August 2016 the day Turkish forces entered the Syrian lands, until today the 23rd of December, SOHR documented the death of 246 civilians including 57 children and 36 women in addition to wounding hundreds others as many were permanently wounded due to the Turkish bombardment which targeted IS controlled areas in the northern eastern countryside of Aleppo