104 casualties including about 40 children and citizen women in al-Bab city in two simultaneous massacres with the Turkish insistence on controlling the city after getting the Russian green light • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

104 casualties including about 40 children and citizen women in al-Bab city in two simultaneous massacres with the Turkish insistence on controlling the city after getting the Russian green light

Turkish forces continue targeting al-Bab city with their continued attempts to advancement towards it, in light of Turkey’s determination to break into the city located northeast of Aleppo province and control it. The city was a target of a race between 3 parties: the Turkish Forces, the regime and Russian forces and their loyalists, and the Syria Democratic Forces, but the Turkish forces started before the other two parties on 21st of December 2016 and carried out a violent attack with the rebel and Islamic factions of “Euphrates Shield” operation, after Turkey got the Russian green light to broke into al-Bab city and control it, and that after an understanding between these parties about the displacement and evacuation in Aleppo, Al-Fu’ah, Kafriya and then Madaya later, and a desire by them to prevent the Syria Democratic Forces from exploiting the loophole of al-Bab and controlling it, which will allow them to connect the democratic self-management areas together in the three provinces: “Al-Jazeerah – Kobani – Afrin”

This attack was carried out by the Turkish forces and the “Euphrates Shield” forces from the western area of the city, which enabled them during the first hours of the offensive to control most of Jabal al-Sheikh Aqil and the hospital near it, in an attempt to advance towards the city and storm its western walls, while the artillery and rocket launchers of the Turkish forces and Euphrates Shield did not stop targeting al-Bab city with tens of artillery shells and missiles, also the Turkish warplanes targeted the city with bombs and missiles, causing considerable damage to property of citizens and to facilities of the city, and with end of Wednesday the 21st of December 2016; the “Islamic State” organization (which brought 200 members and field commanders about two weeks ago to al-Bab city from Iraq) startled them with violent attack and blowing up booby-trapped vehicles in sites of the factions and the Turkish forces, and was able to regain control of its lost sites. This attack killed at least 51 fighters of “Euphrates Shield”, including 16 soldiers at least recognized by the Turkish authorities, while 33 members of the “Islamic State” were killed in bombing, clashes and shelling in the western area of al-Bab city.

After the first defeat for the Turkish forces in the control war over al-Bab city, the Turkish warplanes startled al-Bab city on the 22nd of December 2016 with a massacre, followed by the emerge of a video released by the “Islamic State”, in which they executed two soldiers of the Turkish Forces by burning them alive, the contact was lost with both soldiers late November 2016, they were tied with chains while they were standing, and then they set them on fire with a fuse within the chains which in turn set the fire to their bodies and they were burned until both bodies were blackened, and in the morning the 23rd of December the Turkish forces carried out the second massacre in al-Bab city, where it rose to 104 at least, including 26 children under the age of eighteen and 13 citizen women over the age of eighteen, the number of civilians who were documented by the Syrian Observatory for human rights, they were killed by shelling by Turkish warplanes and carrying out 2 massacres with about 24 hours between both of them, where the number of casualties rose after the bodies of people were pulled from under the rubble of the destruction caused by the heavy shelling, and the death of citizens affected by their critical wounds of which the medical personnel in the city were not able to rescue them due to the lack of some medical specialties, the large number of injured people and the lack of medicines and medical equipment necessary for some operations, also the Turkish aerial bombardment in both massacres have injured tens of people and caused permanent disabilities.

We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights condemn in the strongest terms the massacres carried out by Turkish forces against the civilian Syrian people, under the pretext of targeting “terrorist organizations” in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo, which claimed the lives of more than 250 persons and wounded hundreds of others, also we condemn any massacre or kill against any Syrian citizen by any party whatsoever, for the blood of the Syrian people is not cheap so they can be targeted in their cities, towns and villages in their homes under the pretext of the existence of fighter or member of the “Islamic State” or Fath al-Sham Front or any another faction, because the existence of this member or the fighter in a residential area inhabited by civilians does not justify targeting this area at all, the Observatory also renews the call to spare the civilians from any military action on the Syrian soil, because the sons of the Syrian people have had enough killing, where millions of them were killed, injured and displaced as the result of the shelling and bombing that targeted their areas, while the international community continues its horrifying silence towards the Syrian people’s pain and hopes of reaching the state of justice, equality, democracy and freedom, as well as punishing those who have killed and helped in the killing, and bringing them for justice in the specialized courts.