The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Unknown fate for the famous commander in IS Abo Jandal the Kuwaiti

The fate of the IS commander Abo Jandal the Kuwaiti is still unknown, after targeting his location by the coalition waplanes in al-Tabaqa countryside in western Raqqa, the sources confirmed that he was killed by the airstrikes which targeted Jaabar area during clashes against SDF, around the northern sides of al-Furat river 7km from al-Furat Dam, casualties reported on both sides.

The information SOHR received confirmed that the commander Abo Jandal is one of the famous leaders in the IS and led several battles in Hasakah and Khanaser, in addition to leading battles in Iraq and moving between Syria and Iraq in the recent months, until the military operations took place in Raqqa western countryside, as he led the military operations in the area and several counter attacks against SDF, before he was targeted yesterday by the coalition warplanes during clashes around al-Tabaqa.