The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

warplanes under the hands of the islamic state





Reliable resource reported to SOHR that IS organization has become owning 3 warplanes that can fly and maneuver. These warplanes are expected to be Mig 21 and 23. Officers from the Iraqi dissolved army, who are also members in the Islamic State Organization, have overseen the training of some militants in order to be able to lead these aircrafts. The training courses are given in the airbase of al Jarrah known by Kshish airbase too. This airbase located in the eastern countryside of Aleppo and considered the most important camp for IS in Syria.



The people who live in the nearby areas of the airbase of al Jarrah informed SOHR activists that they saw a warplane taking off from al Jarrah airbase and flying at a low altitude over the area. It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that the people witness an aircraft flying at a low altitude after taking off from al Jarrah airbase. The same resources informed SOHR activists that IS fighters seized these aircrafts after taking control over the military airports affiliated to the regime forces in Aleppo and al Raqqa provinces. The resources have not confirmed whether IS owns missiles for this aircrafts or not.