Mutual attack between IS and YPG in Kobani • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Mutual attack between IS and YPG in Kobani




Reliable Resources reported to SOHR that IS militants attacked yesterday night military points seized by YPG 2 days ago, where the violent clashes continued until the early morning coincided with carrying out 6 strikes by the Coalition warplanes on IS positions in the neighborhood of Kani Erban in the east of Kobani.


IS militants attacked houses controlled by YPG fighters in the street that extends along the western area of the Security Box and which was controlled by YPG yesterday, coincided with IS attack on al- Hurreyyi Square in an attempt to take control over the square.


In addition to, SOHR knew that YPG fighters attacked an IS position on the road of Aleppo in southwest of Kobani where violent clashes occurred between the two parties leading to kill 3 YPG fighters and 8 IS militants.

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