The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After 45 days, al-Furat Shield factions are closer to al-Bab city and no less than 200 civilians killed by by military operations in the area

Al-Bab city and its outskirts are witnessing continued military operations by Turkish forces backed by al-Furat shield factions which were able to advance in the area since December 2016 after a green light from Russia allowing it to advance towards al-Bab city and kick the IS out of it, amid an agreement to displace 27,000 civilians including 7000 rebels from eastern Aleppo into the western countryside, these advances will stand against SDF which are targeting to control the area and reach self controlled areas in Kobane-Afirn-Jazira.

The massive attack comes after 45 days of reaching al-Bab outskirts taking control on large number of villages around the city near the Turkish borders amid targeting these areas with shells and missiles leading to material damages and human losses, it is worth to mention that the Turkish forces and al-Furat Shield factions lost a battle against the IS in the 21st of December 2016.

SOHR documented the death of 197 civilians including 48 children and 25 women killed by the military operations since the 13th of November 2016 until the 5th of January 2017, the dead included 160 (35 children and 19 women ) who were killed by Turkish bombardment and airstrikes in al-Bab city, and 13 (4 children ) killed by bombardment targeted Tadif area which is taken over by the IS, and 24 (9 children and 6 women ) were killed by landmines and IS machine guns in the mentioned areas.

SOHR also documented the death of 66 rebels under the flag of al-Furat Shield including 19 Turkish soldiers and the Turkish Authorities admitted these numbers, some of them were burned to death by the IS, while no less than 43 IS were killed by the counter attacks and airstrikes in the area.