The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The “Islamic State” is preparing for the loss of al-Tabaqa and transfers more than 150 prisoners most of them Kurds


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was informed by several reliable sources that the Syria Democratic Forces backed US Special Forces and the warplanes of the international coalition, managed to achieve an advancement and controlled the ancient Castle of Ja’bar in the northwestern countryside of al-Tabaqa city, after violent clashes against the “Islamic State “, the clashes in the vicinity of the castle were accompanied by exchange of targeting between both parties, and information about casualties in the ranks of both parties.

This advancement comes days after concentrated clashes in the vicinity of the Ja’bar Eastern area and in the vicinity of al-Swidiyyeh area near it, both areas are at the northern banks of the Euphrates river and near the strategic Dam of Euphrates, where the “Islamic State” organization is trying to repel the consecutive attacks of the Syria Democratic Forces supported by the airstrikes of the international coalition, while the activists of the Syrian Observatory for human rights monitored the Sharia men of the “Islamic State” organization “promote” the organization’s loss of al-Tabaqa city, where the “Sharia men of the organization” spread the words among the citizens in Al-Raqqah city and other towns and areas controlled by the organization in the countryside of al-Raqqah that:
“ALLAH Almighty -opened his support- upon us and granted us victory in Mosul and al-Bab and Palmyra –though– if we lost al-Tabaqa –then–  ALLAH must compensate us with a conquer and a great victory in another place, and not to be afraid and do not to grieve that we lost geographical area or land or city, because the victory of ALLAH is coming”
The source suggested that the organization by doing that has become prepared for the loss of al-Tabaqa city which is an important security center for the organization in Al-Raqqah and Syria, also most of the detainees, prisoners and important captives, and that the organization promoted earlier times and justified its loss in Dabiq and several areas used to be controlled by the organization in Syria.

The activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human rights also received information from reliable sources stating that the “Islamic State” in al-Tabaqa area, and due to the lack of major security and military power in the area, the organization is now depending on the counter attacks on sites of the Syria Democratic Forces which are supported by warplanes of the international coalition and US Special Forces, and this information intersected with what was observed by the activists of the Syrian Observatory for human rights, from parking tanks and military vehicles made of wood by the organization in an attempt by the organization to distract the coalition and those who cooperate with them in monitoring and delivering information to the coalition and to the Syria Democratic forces.

At the same context, the mystery still surrounds the fate of more than 150 prisoners and detainees by the “Islamic State” in al-Tabaqa prisons, most of them are Kurdish citizens, including important prisoners who were arrested in the past months, after the organization instructed villages inhabited by Kurdish citizens in the countryside of Al-Raqqah, that they should turn themselves in to the organization’s checkpoint in order to prove their presence in the area, where the organization held those who turned themselves in to the checkpoints and point of the “Islamic State”, and also arrested tens of others from villages inhabited by Kurdish citizens and other villages in the countryside of al-Raqqah. Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the “Islamic State” organization executed at least 16 of them and the Observatory was able to document the names of most of them, also the sources confirmed that the organization informed the families of several of them that they were executed on charges of “”espionage for the atheists Kurds” also the Observatory learned that the important prisoners who were in prisons of al-Tabaqa were transferred to Ma’dan area in the eastern countryside of Al-Raqqah, while the rest of the prisoner were transferred to detentions and prisons in Al-Raqqah city and to other camps, while the fear is prevailing the families of detainees and prisoners and in the local circles in Al-Raqqah, of the “Islamic state” organization’s execution of the civilian detainees and showing them in its video versions as “Kurdish fighters and that they captured them in battle”