The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Mystery surrounds the fate of commander in Fath al-Sham Front in targeting by unknown warplanes for him and killing two other members of his family who were with him

It is still unknown yet, the fate of the commander in Fath al-Sham Front (formerly al-Nusra Front), known as “Abu al-Hassan Taftanaz”, he was targeted by unidentified planes so far, and it is not known whether the warplanes were Russian or belong to the international coalition. Several reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian observatory for human rights that two people at least of who were with him were killed, one of them is suggested to be his son, and the other one is a ” Sharia commander ” of the family of Abu al-Hasan Taftanaz, both of them were killed in the same targeting, while several others were wounded, and information reported others casualties in the same airstrike.