BEIRUT: Syrian regime airstrikes on a suburb of Damascus Friday killed 15 people, activists and a monitoring group said, as fierce clashes raged on several fronts in the country.

Three minors were among those killed by a total of eight air raids on the rebel-held town near the capital, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an anti-regime group based in Britain.

Activists posted video footage of the gory aftermath, as civilians struggled to locate people believed to be buried under the rubble.

Regime airstrikes Thursday killed 20 people, including two children and two women, in Jisrin to the east of Damascus, and two others in nearby Saqba, the Observatory said.

Closing in on Douma, a town of 200,000 residents, the army has seized control of Mliha and Adra and has set its sights on Jobar and Ain Tarma, towns to the east of the capital.

The Observatory said fierce fighting raged in Jobar, with both regime forces and rebels suffering an unspecified number of casualties.

In northwest Idlib province, barrel bombs dropped by helicopter killed a man, a woman and two children – all members of the same family – in a strike on the village of Khan al-Subl, according to the Observatory. Several other villages were targeted by regime aircraft in Idlib province, with at least one civilian casualty reported.

The Observatory said there was conflicting information as to whether regime troops had made advances in the town of Morek in Hama, located on the highway linking Aleppo to the provincial capital. It said rebels killed or wounded five members of the regime forces and paramilitaries, and disabled a tank. The rebels also fired a Grad rocket at the nearby Christian town of Mhardeh, but no casualties were reported.

In the eastern city of Deir al-Zor, regime forces shelled the neighborhood of Huwayjet Sakr, where clashes have raged this week, pitting regime troops against ISIS militants and allied Islamist groups.

The Observatory said ISIS and its allies had suffered 33 casualties in the last several days of fighting, and that ISIS militants seized a school that they had lost to the regime earlier in the week, but then detonated the building upon recapturing it.

In Deraa province in the south, rebel groups pledged to press ahead with their recent capture of a regime military base in the village of Tal al-Hara, announcing a new campaign against the town of Umm al-Mayadhen and surrounding areas.

The Observatory said five regime airstrikes targeted the town of Umm al-Mayadhen, adding that five rebels were killed in battles with regime forces in the area.

Airstrikes and helicopter barrel bombs targeted several other areas in Deraa province, it added, with one civilian reported killed.

The Observatory said Thursday’s nationwide death toll stood at 195 people, of whom 39 were civilians and the rest fighters with the various sides.