The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

the 9th day of the truce ended with more violations and bombardment

Turkish – Russian case-fire continue , ending the 9th day in a row since the start of its application at midnight on Thursday – Friday the 30th of December year, in 2016, where they continue to ceasefire came into effect in a number of areas of Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights record more violations in a number of areas of Syria, the warplanes targeted places in the regions of Rashdin and Kfernaha countryside west of Aleppo, while warplanes bombed places in the regions of Khan Tuman and the town eis the southern countryside of Aleppo, while shells fell on parts of the way and the Old Aleppo neighborhood, which resulted in material damage, also warplanes targeted with dozens of air strikes and missile  parts of the towns and villages of Tel Daman and Guenitarat and saddle rakish and Asameerah and Lebanon, Hoss and Allowajd, Nu`maniyah, Karni and Kfrckar and, other areas in the southern  countryside of Aleppo, while regime forces shelled parts of western Aleppo the village of Babis, while warplanes targeted with heavy machine guns after midnight yesterday places in the town of Kafr Hamra northwest of Aleppo, and the town of Grand Aloorm, and elsewhere in the Icarda area south of Aleppo, also exposed places in the regions of Aydoun and Aldhlak in the southern countryside of Hama bombed by the regime forces, while targeting places in the town of Rabiah controlled by regime forces with grenades by rebels in the western countryside to the city of Hama, as regime forces bombed places  of the northern countryside of Hama, while helicopters dropped explosive barrels on areas in the town of Mork, while regime forces shelled areas in the village of Om Sharshouh in Homs northern countryside, while places in the western farms to the city of Hula in Homs northern, were exposed to shelling by regime forces, as regime forces pounded areas in the town of Mork in the countryside of Hama and the northern village of parched in northeast Hama, which resulted in casualties in the town of Mork.
Meanwhile bombing helicopters barrels explosive places in Mojaidel area and villages Zubaar, Jenin and com Roman, located north-east of Daraa, Regime forces targeted areas of Izraa, Mahjaa leading to material damages, an officer in regime forces was killed by clashes against rebels around Mahja, which witnessed clashes and bombardment. Rebels targeted areas of Suwaydaa countryside ” Khalkhala “, no reports of losses. 1 person was killed by shelling by rebels targeted Kafria and al-FOuaa towns in Idlib countryside, Aerial bombardment targeted Abo al-Dohor military airport leading to the death of 4 including a child. Regime forces bombarded Sekek village in Idlib countryside, and al-Akrad mount in Lattakia countryside.

Areas of Zreqia and Hezerma in Reef Dimashq were exposed to bombardment by regime forces, what wounded 1 person, amid targeting Duma with 6 shells, Regime forces also bombarded Zabdani and Madaya, no reports of losses. A man was killed by a sniper in Barada valley. Clashes continue between regime forces and rebels around Hezerma faction, A child was killed by a missile targeted Mesraba area. 2 shells targeted Dahya al-Assad, regime forces bombarded Hezerma and and Harasta what left injuries in Hezerma, 2 civilians were killed while others were wounded by bombardment targeted Ein al-Feja and Basima.
This is the third ceasefire in Syria is in the past year in 2016, and began working out at midnight Thursday – Friday the 30th of December, where the Russian US cease-fire has been applied in most areas of Syria and has continued since seven o’clock the evening of the 12th of September 2016 and up to seven in the evening of the 19th of the same month, also preceded by a truce and cease-fire in Syria, in the 27th of February last of the year 2016, to collapse the agreement in the last third of the April last, and return the military operations to killing and escalation of the bombing on most areas of Syria.