In escalation of Exploit of the Syrian childhood in the past month… Syrian children execute and slaughter “spies of the Kurdish Forces” • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

In escalation of Exploit of the Syrian childhood in the past month… Syrian children execute and slaughter “spies of the Kurdish Forces”

“Here  we are preparing (tools and people) and in every day we will be preparing (the tools and people) and we will rise generations of the Caliphate on it””, said by a member of the “Islamic State” in a new Version under the name of “he made me alive with his blood”. A Version renews the organization’s dependence on children, while showing Khattab al-Qameshly, a child fighter of the “Caliphate Cubs” and the brother of “Abu Bara Qameshly” who is also a fighter in the organization and was killed in Tal Barak area in the southern countryside of Qameshly, where Khattab appeared in a process of “stoning” a man (on charges of “married person commits adultery”) he was holding the stones and participating in the process of “stoning,” this child who appeared on the video and said about himself that one of his brothers wanted to take him to “the infidel land in Qameshly” after the death of his brother the member in the organization, and he tried to take him to Qameshly but he refused and threatened his brother reported him at the checkpoints of the organization, and that he will stay in “the land of the Caliphate” until ALLAH chooses him, and that he feels “pleasure and happiness in spite of the warplanes’ bombing, and that his Mohajrin (immigrants) brothers are more dear to him than his family members who did not go for jihad, and that if his family does not repent he will pick their heads.”

The video showed the young man Muhammad Saleh Mohammad Al-Ahmad as an “agent of the Kurdish forces,” who spoke in his “confessions” saying that he served in the ranks of Kurdish forces in “the duty of self-defense”, and that they (the Kurdish forces) raided his house and arrested him after he performed his duty on charges of “working for Islamic State organization”, and that they told him that he must work as an agent of the organization and enter any booby trapped vehicle or bike to the control of Kurdish forces’ areas after he informs them, and that they will shoot videos after replacing the booby trapped vehicle with sound bombs, and that he contacted with security members of the “Islamic State” organization, where they (the organization) arrested him and he confessed that he is “an agent for the Kurdish forces”, also the video showed two persons, Alwan Tayseer al-Kaafur and Abdul Karim Rahoum al-Sinjari, who said in their “confessions” that they are working “for the Kurdish forces”.

The video of the execution of the three men was shot in a children’s amusement park, it showed a boy about 10 years old nicknamed as “Abu Muaz al-Shami” slaughtering Mohammad Al-Ahmad by a knife, after he was tied to one of the toys, and he separated his head from his body, while the video showed Alwan -Kaafur tied to the fence of the park, and then a small child under the age of five nicknamed “Abu Baraa al-Shami” shot him with a gun, while Khattab al-Qameshly, who appeared at the beginning of the video “slaughtered” al-Sinjari and separated his head from his body at a railway train.

This video is the second one in the last ten days, where both videos depend on children and fighters of the “Caliphate Cubs” who joined the “Islamic State”, where the organization shows who satisfied they are for joining the ranks of “Caliphate Army”, and the extent of their satisfaction to stay in “the territory of the Islamic Caliphate”, relying on them in the slaughter, executions, and chopping heads operations, where the Syrian childhood had become lost between the jaws of the “Islamic State”, which created a new ground for them to join, in addition to exploiting the already created ground of deprivation, homelessness, lack of education and work conditions, of which the organization took the opportunity and headed towards joining these children of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, but also more than that compel children to walk in the footsteps of their parents who were members in the “Islamic State” organization, and destroy the bonds of relativeness and blood by showing the full satisfaction with their lives that they are living in areas controlled by the organization.

This new Version in nothing but a new proof of the escalation of “violence” covered in the faces of children with “contentment and satisfaction” against the Syrian children, from bombing Abdul Rahman Shaddad “Abu Nimr Syria” for his daughter Fatima with the help of his wife, and booby-trapping their other child daughter Islam whose fate is unknown, to the Version of “my father told me” and up to the organization’s Version “he made me alive with his blood”…, the Syrian childhood is lost between being blown up, or being used in the slaughter, killing and executions.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published that since the issue of Abdul Rahman Shaddad known as ” Abu Nemr al Suri” , who detonated his daughter Fatima in center of the capital, Damascus, on the 16th of December , the “Islamic State” released a tape named “My father told me,” featuring the idea of children ​​military and combat training, from Syria and Asian nationalities, and the tape ended up for the children to be the victims of exploitation.

The version which focus  on totally on children transporting what told them earlier, their parents the former fighters in the “Islamic state”, before they were killed, as the video showed a Non-Syrian commander explains to children who joined to “cubs of caliphate”, how to break into a military barracks, and then displayed previous versions of the IS of slaughter and killing and the execution operations against  detainees or prisoners of the IS, The footage showed a number of children’s named, “the Turkish Talha, Amin the Chechen, Salahuddin Turkestan, Abdul Aziz Kyrgyz, Muslim Farghizi, and Abu Ismail al-Homsi, “also showed one of its Sharia members called Abu Zaid the Moroccan gives” a legitimate lesson “for children members in IS “

The Version titled “My father told me,” ended with scenes showing training children on  “housebreaking”, where 6 detainees were distributed, and the first of them opened fire on the head of a young man named Hussein Alairahem charged in ” dealing with al-Sahawat” as he was tied in a bathroom inside the building, while the second is an old man was executed ” in the charge of being a spy for Kurdish forces “, while the 3rd and 4th were executed in the charge of being members in regime forces, also been the execution of a man named Salah Khadr al-Hassan who is charged in belonging to ” al-Sahawat “, was shot by one of Caliphate cubes, while another was executed, named Ismail Alhrval charged in being a member of “Jordanian intelligence “, as shown on the tape, he threw  himself from a high building to fall to the ground and dies immediately after he was followed by 2 children in IS.

This version  is the result of many months of implantation of the “Islamic state” for its ideas and publishing it through ongoing attempts to gain largest number of fighters including men, children, and old men, through the creation of ground-imposed conditions, and deprivation and homelessness, lack of education and work , which made the organization is moving towards these children of Syrian and Non Syrian nationalities, forcing children to walk in the footsteps of their parents, who were former members in the  “Islamic state.”.

As we are seeing and aware of parties on the Syrian land using children in detonations, suicide attacks, media, supporting a Syrian child and killing others of Syrians at the same time, using them in battles and force them to follow a military approach using their weak emotional connection with the responsible.

The Syrian childhood has Turned in to a trade, where the heavy ignorance and the continuing of planting it in every new mind, the hunger, the deprivation, the displacement and death have put their burden on the children, the death that is born from the killing machines which do not stop reaping the souls of the Syrians, as if the fate of the Syrian children, women and men is their misery until the earth is full of their bodies and blood all over this country.

It is worth to mention that the Syrian Observatory published a statement in the 27th of December, Where the eight-years-old child girl Islam Abdul Rahman Shaddad the daughter of Abdul Rahman Shaddad, known as “Abu Nimr al-Suri” the security leader, who used to work under the cloak of Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant), who was assassinated yesterday in Teshreen neighborhood on the outskirts of capital Damascus by gunshots that hit him directly and killed him, leaving the mystery surrounds the fate and the whereabouts of his daughter Islam and his Om Nimr, reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian observatory for human rights that she helped him to booby-trap the child girl Fatima, who was detonated at sunset on the 16th of December 2016, and the child girl Islam, who the sources confirmed that she was booby-trapped also to be detonated elsewhere in the capital Damascus, but that decision was canceled for unknown reasons until now, the sources suggested that it may be because she wasn’t able to reach the target specified.

This incident has shaken all those who have conscience and heard of it in this world, but it did not shake the conscience of the international community, which did not take a moment to talk about the Syrian girl Fatima Shaddad and her sister “Islam Shaddad” whose fate is unknown,  but it turned to the Syrian girl Bana Alabed, the girl who got out of the siege with her family, after tweeting  on the social networking site Twitter with her mother, to leave Aleppo of which she was besieged and leave thousands of homeless who were with her in the same fate and reach one of the presidential palaces to be received and hugged by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in synchronization with a massacre that claimed the lives of 26 children and 13 citizen women of the 104 civilians who were killed by rockets and bombs of Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime’s warplanes, the media left the remains body parts of Fatima and opened the lenses of its cameras on the body of Bana.

Islam remains missing, her fate is unknown, between the killing of her sister after being booby-trapped by her parents, and between Bana Alabed who was hugged by the Turkish President Erdogan after Tweets on Twitter, exactly as they remained; the children of al-Bab city in the massacre of 100 casualty overshadowed between the story Bana who got out of the siege, and the continued nap of the international community, and the deaf and blind of the international media, which was led by decadence to bury the issue of the child Fatimah Abdul Rahman Shaddad, of which the Syrians fear today that she becomes a curriculum and a culture that spreads everywhere.

What makes us sad in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights today more than ever before, and what shocked shucked us is the fact that the international community is no longer on the sidelines, because with its continued silence and shutting its ears of the cries and pain of Syrians people, it becomes a key partner in the massacres, crimes, violations and the bloodshed of the innocent Syrians, and what helped even more with that is the media which give a blind eye not only to the issue of the child Fatimah Abdul Rahman Shaddad, but also to the issue of her sister Islam and the issues of tens and hundreds of thousands of displaced children, women, men and elderlies, and the issue of hundreds of “Caliphate Cubs” and other “Cubs” of movements, parties, organizations and armies stationed on the Syrian territory.

Where on the 16th of December 2016, and after four o’clock Damascus time, a violent explosion shakes a neighborhood of Damascene sits in the middle of the city, al-Midan neighborhood. The information initially conflicted about the exact nature of the blast, which took place within al-Midan Police Station, minutes pass… and still the accurate information is unknown, an explosive device? A person blows himself up using an explosive belt? A beggar citizen woman blows herself up in the police department…, until the body of a child appeared and the certain information came in a video.

Fatima the daughter of Abdul Rahman Shaddad also known as Abu Nimr al-Suri, a Syrian girl with nine years of age, she appears in a video of which the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights received, in the video she was with her sister Islam who is one year younger than her, and a woman with a hidden face kissing them before the children move go on the way drawn by their father, after he surrounded their waists with 2 explosive belts.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the incident and followed its developments, and in the details that the Observatory was able to document from several reliable sources; Abu Nimr al-Suri (“al-Suri” means “the Syrian” in the Arabic language) is a resident of the area between the neighborhoods of Barza and Qaboun on the outskirts of the capital Damascus, he initially joined the ranks of Jabhat Al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant), then he left them to join the ranks of the “Islamic State” in the Eastern Ghouta, before the battels that took place between the factions of the Eastern Ghouta against the “Islamic State” and expelling the last mentioned out of the Ghouta, that’s when Abu Nimr left the organizational work with the “Islamic State” organization and comes back and joins the “Islamic movement of Ahrar al-Sham”, and he works with them in the Qaboun sector at the eastern outskirts of the capital Damascus as a “security leader”, and the sources confirmed to the observatory that the reason behind working as a security leader in “Islamic movement of Ahrar al-Sham” is due to his experience and relationships within the capital Damascus. Abu Nimr al-Suri re-broke his association with the Movement, and work independently under the cover and protection of Jabhat Al-Nusra (Fath al-Sham Front) currently, where sources close to Abu Nimr al-Suri confirmed that he appears quite little and he gets out of his whereabouts only at night, and he always wears an explosive belt, and that both videos were filmed by Abu Nimr and his wife, which are the videos where both Abu Nimr al-Suri, his wife and their child Fatima who blew herself up at al-Midan police Department appeared, and Islam the younger girl, who was pushed to blow herself up, but the drawn plan did not succeed so they canceled the decision of she blowing herself up.

Abdul Rahman Shaddad -who appeared in a video which the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights got a copy of it- his brother and his brother’s wife had detonated themselves up earlier, where intersecting sources confirmed to the Observatory that the brother and the wife of the brother of Abu Nimr al-Suri blew themselves up in one of the areas in the capital Damascus back in 2014 during a raid by the regime forces on their home.

This incident is the first of its kind for a Syrian child at this age, it shocked the Syrian people, in spite of death that falls wherever a Syrian citizen is, and wherever they fled in search of a safe haven, this incident caused a resentment in the religious and popular communities, and also caused rejection, condemn and denounce against this incident that was born today amid fear that it may grow in the coming days, this crime against the child girl Fatima had many reasons, it started from the continuous and steady killing of the Syrian people by Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the forces loyal to him from the Lebanese Hezbollah, Russia, Iran and other militias that support him of Syrian, Arab and Asian nationalities, this continued killing has deprived the Syrian child and citizen of their most basic rights, the rights that they have risen up for, and to get to the country of law, justice, freedom, equality and democracy, and also as a result of the deprivation and the communal and sectarian brainwashing by the regime and the gunmen loyal to them, the “Islamic State” organization, Jabhat Al- Nusra (al-Qaeda in Levant), fighters, activists and some people of the opposition, this brainwashing has created another option in front of the Syrian children, an option they do not know its consequences, these parties and others that exploit the Syrian children and work day and night from behind the curtain to deprive them from the right to live, by putting them it into their jihadist and ideological organizations, taking advantage of their ignorance and work to increase this ignorance by denying them the right to learn, or by imposing a given school systems that mummify and freeze their thinking.

We in the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights condemn this crime against the Syrian girl Fatima and her sister, and condemn this act which result was nothing but the death of a child in her early life, and deprived her of her basic right to live, and we fear that her sister faces the same fate, also we call to hold them accountable whomever kill Syrian children and people, where the Syrian children have become a profitable trade for all parties, some of them take them to the battel arenas, and some of them exploit them to blow themselves up with explosive belts and booby trapped vehicles, and some of them exploit them in combat and service work, and some others exploit them in the media by showing themselves as if they were fearful for the fate of Syrian children while their warplanes bomb the sons of the Syrian people and kill and injure tens of them.