The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Bombardment continue on Barada valley and regime forces continue targeting Homs countryside

Reef Dimashq province: Regime forces bombarded areas of Basima front in Barada valley after yesterday’s midnight after violent clashes in the area between regime forces and rebels around Kafar al-Zit, Kafar Awamid, and Der Maqran.

Homs province: Aerial bombardment targeted areas of Ez al-DIn and Der Foul in the northern countryside of Homs, no reports of losses.
Aleppo province: Aerial bombardment targeted al-Shekh Ali Village, Kafar Halab, al-Muhandsin countryside, and other areas of the western countryside leading to human losses and material damages. Areas of the southern countryside were also exposed to aerial bombardment, Turkish forces bombarded areas of al-Bab city with dozens of shells, leading to injuries.