Fateh al-Sham revenges for the assassinations of its commanders • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fateh al-Sham revenges for the assassinations of its commanders

Sources reported to SOHR that Fateh al-Sham militants raided the town of Tal Dahab in al-Hawla valley in the northern countryside, after an assassination of members of Fateh al-Sham leading tot he death of 3 members and wounded 15 others, after an unknown militant put poison in Fateh al-Sham HQs near Der Fol in the northern countryside before he shots the other militants in the HQ.

The sources confirmed that an old man and an old woman were killed after being shot by Fateh al-Sham movement in the northern countryside of Homs during a search for IS cells, sources reported to SOHR that a group were forming IS cells in the town of Tal Dahab, and Fateh al-Sham are still searching for them, civilians are dissatisfied with what happened and accused Fateh al-Sham in Revenge.

The assassination comes after the raise of assassination operations by the U.S led coalition against Fateh al-Sham militants and commanders, as the coalition warplanes committed 3 assassinations in 2017 targeted militants and commanders in the party, SOHR was able to document the death of 35 of them since the first of January 2017 including 12 commanders at least including Abo al-Hasan Taftanaz, in addition to other Shari commander were killed in the 6th of January 2017 by a drone, also SOHR documented the death of 25 members including 7 commanders killed by the coalition airstrikes that targeted their HQ in Sarmada in Idlib northern countryside, in addition to 8 commanders and Militants killed by the coalition airstikes targeted them on Sarmada road including 3 commanders one of them is the leader ” Abo al-Moatasim al-Deri” the Syrian commander, and Khatab al-Qahtani the Khaliji commander, in addition to Abo Omar The Turkistanian  one of the most 10 leaders in Syria.