The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

54 Jihadists have been assassinated in January 2017

Assassination operations of Jihadists groups in Syria rose recently since yesterday’s afternoon, coalition warplanes and drones targeted 2 cars and 4 motorbikes led to the death of 16 militants including 2 commanders yesterday’s afternoon, then it re-targeted Fateh al-SHam front on Salqin-Kafar Takharim road what killed 3 members, that rose the number of militants who were assassinated to 54, including 3 killed on the road between Salqin-Kafar Takharim, 16 killed in Saraqib, Abo al-Hasan Taftanaz and another commander killed in the 6th of January 2017 by a drone in Idlib countryside, also in the 4th of January the coalition warplanes killed 25 members including 7 commanders on Sarmada-Hazano road including 3 commanders one of them is Abo al-Moatasim, Khatab al-Qahtani, ABo Omar al-Turkistani.

Also, 3 rebels were killed by targeting them by the coalition warplanes in Taftanaz, they were from al-Hasakah province.