The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After the capital Damascus which is thirsty for 25 days … Aleppo city start begin thirsty after cutting its feeding water from al-Khafsah Station which is under the control of the “Islamic State” organization

The water is still cut until now, it is brought from the Euphrates River and it feeds Aleppo city after passing in al-Khafsah Station which purifies and pumps the water, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was aware that the water coming to Aleppo city through al-Khafsah station which is under the control the “Islamic State” organization has been cut off from Aleppo city since Saturday morning, the sources said that the reasons is a damage in the power supply network that feeders the station and the rest of the water processing plants in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, while the people accused the regime’s authorities of invoking these reasons, not to stir the public opinion and create a new resentment among the citizens in the city towards them, after public resentment in Aleppo city, which is still taking place due to the operations of “al-Tafish”, which is staling operations carried out by militiamen loyal to the regime forces during of which they enter houses, shops and properties of citizens in the city and its outskirts and steal everything they can no matter if the owners are there or not.

Also citizens in the city accused the regime forces of covering up the “Islamic State” organization’s cut off the water on purpose, after the escalation of aerial bombardment by the regime’s warplanes and other warplanes believed to be Russian during the past days, on the “Islamic State” organization’s controlled areas in the eastern countryside of Aleppo and the southern countryside of al-Bab city, where al-Bab area is witnessing continuation of operations of “Euphrates Shield” by the rebel and Islamic Factions supported Turkish forces and warplanes, which have been violently targeting the city and its countryside for weeks.

Aleppo city is considered the second largest of the Syrian cities, which is suffering thirst and water cut off, after the capital Damascus.