The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The “Islamic State” organization was able to repel the regime forces’ attempt to advance near the T4 airbase, causes casualties and injuries

Homs Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
Clashes continued after midnight yesterday in the northern area of T4 airbase in the eastern countryside of Homs, between the “Islamic State” organization against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, where the organization managed to repel the attack which was carried out by the regime forces in the area by carrying out ambushes in addition to detonation of two cars bombs in the area, the clashes and bombings resulting in killing and injuring several members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them during an extensive attack that they carried out, while a citizen woman was killed in the fall of shells yesterday, they were launched by the factions on areas in the village Jabburin which is under the control of the regime forces in the northern countryside of Homs, also the “Islamic State” organization targeted Jabal al-Shomariyyeh area and Maksar al-Hsan area.