The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The regime forces and Hezbollah advance in al-Bahariyah farms in the Eastern Ghouta

Rif Dimashq Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
Clashes continued between the rebel and Islamic Factions against the “Islamic State” organization in the eastern Qalamoun mountains, amid exchange of shelling between both parties, and information about casualties in their ranks, also clashes are taking place in the Eastern Ghouta between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them and the Lebanese Hezbollah against the Islamic factions in the fronts of al-Bahariyah and Hazrma in al-Marj area, where two fighters of Jaysh al-Islam were killed and others were injured, while SOHR received information about the death and injury of members of the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them, where the last mentioned managed to achieve advancement in the area and control places of the farms of Al-Bahariyah town.
The regime forces and Hezbollah have controlled yesterday 12 farms in the east of Hazrma, within the their quest to get to Al-Nashabiyah town and restore control of the strategic hill of Farzat, which -in case that the regime and Hezbollah managed to control it- will allow them both to control and monitoring by firearm towns and areas of Hazrma Hosh al-Salhiyyeh, Beit Nayem, al-Zriqiyyeh and Autaya, and cut the roads connecting between them which in turn will make the task easier for the members of the regime and Hezbollah to control them, and reduce the factions’ controlled areas in ​​the Eastern Ghouta.